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Thread: Pontoon boat on Lake Creek

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    Default Pontoon boat on Lake Creek

    Wanted to get some input from people who have floated lake creek. We have three 8' one man pontoon boats (1 outcast, 2 dave scadden) and are planning to start our float Aug 18. It seems like all the pictures and float reports I have found show people using 14' rafts or catarafts. Has anyone floated it in a pontoon boat? Would you? Any thoughts would be helpful thanks.

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    I have witnessed 8 foot pontoon boats flip over forwards on the Gulkana River rapids. They simply are not long enough, and are generally too back heavy, to negociate rapids with any hydralic holes or smalls falls. The Gulkana River has three minutes of rapids. Lake Creek, depending on the water level, has six or eight hours of rapids. While some of you will do fine, somebody is gonna flip when using 8 foot pontoon boats or mini catarafts.
    Bring extra oars.


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