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Thread: Any duck hunters here from Tok???

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    Default Any duck hunters here from Tok???

    I am also considering Tok area for some duck hunting. I can't go into Tetlin with my airboat, but the map shows 10-15 hwy miles from Tetlin Junction the the vacinity of midway lake mostly following the Tanana River, that is shown as marsh area. I am guessing that there would be river access at the highway crossing at Tetlin Junction, and good waterfowl hunting all along there, as well as possibility of Moose and Bear. Hope that some of you guys that either live there or hunt that area can tell me a little about it. Looks like it could be a very good area, easily available to the road system, should not draw too many hunters, and full of duckies. PM would be fine, my lips are sealed. Bud

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    Any where in the area of tetlin or northway you will be getting into a little trouble with the local tribes they don't appreciate out of towners. You have to know someone or be a local to hunt most of that area. There a little confrontational I wouldn't trust leaving My truck or boat anywhere around there


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