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Thread: No bait on the Kenai

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    Default No bait on the Kenai

    In the Kenai River, from its mouth upstream to ADF&G markers at the outlet of SkilakLake, sport fishing gear is limited to not more than one unbaited, single-hook, artificiallure, beginning at 12:01 a.m., Monday, July 25, through 11:59 p.m., Sunday, July 31, 2011.Bait may not be used in this 50-mile area of river when fishing for any species.Through July 21, all indices used to assess the abundance of late-run king salmon in theKenai River indicate a run that is well below average for the third consecutive year. Alldepartment assessment methods indicate the late run is similar to the runs of 2009 and2010. The final 2009 escapement estimate was below the sustainable escapement goal(SEG) and the 2010 escapement was likely below the SEG. Based on the similarities ofthe indices in 2011 to these years, it is likely the escapement goal will not be achieved withcurrent sport fishing exploitation levels. Therefore, it is warranted to prohibit the use ofbait in the Kenai River as specified in the Kenai River Late-Run King SalmonManagement Plan.Anglers are reminded that a portion of the Kenai River king salmon sport fishery continuesto be restricted to catch-and-release as follows:In the Kenai River drainage from ADF&G regulatory markers located approximately 300yards downstream from the mouth of Slikok Creek, upstream to the outlet of Skilak Lake,and in the Moose River from its confluence with the Kenai River upstream to the northernmostedge of the Sterling Highway bridge, only king salmon less than 20 inches in lengthor 55 inches or greater in length may be retained, king salmon 20 inches or greater inlength and less than 55 inches in length may not be possessed or retained and may not beremoved from the water and must be released immediately through 11:59 p.m., Sunday,July 31, 2011.
    For information of inseason assessment of Kenai River king salmon visit our websiteat:
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    So it begins. Guess those guides better get the bait in the water before monday.
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    Default Bummer

    I was hoping they would give the non motorized guys one more shot!

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    Do they really have it figured out?


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