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Thread: radio for ocean boating?

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    Default radio for ocean boating?

    I was thinking about cruising the bays in my little boat and was wondering what type of radio I need. Is there a portable one that is fair priced and reliable? I dont want a mounted one because I store the boat outside and dont want to temp theives.
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    Well get a Standard Horizon or any high end unit as when you have to use it your life could depend on it, can even attach to taller anttena.

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    They make some fairly high quality hand held ones. My brother in law picked me up one over the winter and I'm eager to take it with me. It will serve as my backup and I intend to test it out with a few long distance radio checks. I 100% agree with AlaskaPiranha. Get something you know will work, not what should or might work.

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    Make sure you get a good fixed antenna and that your choice of portable has the ability to hook up to an external antenna.
    The increase in range you get could save your life.
    If it were me, I would get a fixed unit for all the extra power (= transmit range) it posesses. You can remove it easily when not on the water (two thumb screws, one power plug and antenna connector). It only takes a minute or two. The fixed units have dual power lo= 1 watt, high= 25 watts while the portables have lo=1 watt, high=3 watts. The extra 22 watts of transmit power are worth the extra minute or so to remove the unit when not in use.
    The radio I chose for my boat is an Icom M-304 which is a very small waterproof fixed unit with a bunch of very usefull features at a decent price. It comes in 3 colours too!!!
    I would also get a good quality 8 foot VHF antenna for your boat for use with either radio.


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