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Thread: Reboring/rechambering, who does it?

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    Default Reboring/rechambering, who does it?

    Any of you know of any smiths in Alaska who re-bore and re-chamber factory Remington barrels? Also, is it possible to change the function of a Remington Mod. 7 so the bolt is "locked down" when a round is chambered ?

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    I don't know of anyone who can rebore/re-rifle a barrel in Alaska. Re-chambering can be done by some competent gunsmiths.
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    JES reboring in Cottage Grove OREGON does barrel reboring and 338 is the smallest bore diameter - He does an excellant job for reasonable rates and is a very good business man with great customer service - you can google him for contact info AND Yes, you can "fix" the model 7 bolt to do what is should have done from the box ! at least a good gunsmith can

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    Great news about the bolt. The Mod. 7 Predator I picked up has a 22" fluted barrel that is big enough in my opinion to be of 6.5 bore. It is a .243 now but I would like to change that as the Grand Kids grow. The .260 Rem. is what I was thinking of. I have my Dad's old Mod.70 .264 in my safe which is probably why the 6.5 bore interests me.

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    Why not just rebarrel the desired rifle with a take-off Remington 260 barrel. Just keep your eye open for a take-off on gunbroker or gunsamerica. The alteration would be cheaper than the rebore job you are considering.
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    That's a great idea. Looking for a 22" barrel in .260 Rem.


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