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Thread: Save your GPS! Public Comments to the FCC required by July 30!!!

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    Exclamation Save your GPS! Public Comments to the FCC required by July 30!!!

    Folks, there are only 9 days left to enter your public comments to the FCC on allowing a private, commercial venture to use a frequency band that interferres with the GPS system. This outfit, "LightSquared" wants to build a satellite broadband internet service. If they are allowed to do so using the current proposal, it will cause interferrence with the GPS system, potentially rendering GPS useless to the end user.

    This is such an outrageous idea that it never should have gotten this far in the FCC approval process. But here we are, 9 days away from a federal regulator screwing up one of the most valuable navigation tools that humans have ever built. With millions of people that will be affected, I'm saddened that there are less than 1,500 public comments that have been entered to the FCC so far. We need a little bit more outrage folks. Somebody mentions something about a new gun rule and they'd be getting 1,500 comments per hour. Think for just a moment about how life would be without your GPS system.

    Go! Comment...

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    Done- and thanks for posting this. I wasn't even aware this was going on.
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    If you want some additional information before you comment here's a good link. You can also post your comments from there.

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    Thanks JOAT for the heads comment has been submitted!

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