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Thread: Black bear hunting mid August

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    Default Black bear hunting mid August

    Hey all,

    I think I am going to be able to make it to AK in August and am curious about the black bear hunting in units 7 and 15. I know that in the spring you want to glass the mountain sides, but what about August 10th through the 17th? What is the best way to hunt the blackies, walk streams or drive and glass? How is the meat this time of year? I do have some emails out a couple of biologists, but I want to get various opinions.

    Also, is there a possibility to hunt wolves? Does anyone know of where I can rent freezer space as well? I know where to get the hide sealed so I am not worried about that.



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    OK, i got the information I need. Just a couple of quick questions, where is the best place to get a topo map of the few areas I am interested in (parts of 15, 7, 16a and b and maybe a couple of the 14's)

    I am still looking for freezer availability


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