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Thread: Your .243 Win. hunting load

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    Default Your .243 Win. hunting load

    What is the .243 Win. load you or the kids use in Alaska. I know about every thing is killed up here every year with this caliber. I just bought one for the Grand kids and I was thinking of using Barnes X Tripple Shocks or the Nosler Partition for it. Maybe Winchester cases and don't know from there.

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    100 gr Nosler Partition, 41 gr IMR 4350, Fed Mag primers, and rem cases. Deadly and accuracte and DEADLY ACCURATE!

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    85 tsx over H-4350, it's the max charge off of Hodgdon's website, most accurate when working up loads. Unfortunately he hasn't had a chance to take game with it, hopefully we change that this fall with a blacktail or a black bear.
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