I now own a Remington center fire rifle. My first one ever. I have Grandchildren to think of, so today I bought the Model 7 Predator in .243 Winchester. First thing I need to do is tie a bright ribbon on it so I can find it if I ever lay it down. It looks weird with the camo pattern all over it. Not a fan of Remington triggers, but this must be as crisp and creep free as any out of the box factory trigger I have had. I bet it's breaking under 3 lbs. I have an old Leupold 3x9 compact in a drawer that will be a good match for it. I also picked up some Light weight Talley rings/bases. The 22" barrel is fluted and I probably won't put iron sights on this rifle. I will run some JB bore paste through it till my arm gets tired and then clean it up good and proper. I am planning a caribou hunt wit the Grand Daughter next year. I hope it shoots Barnes X bullets into good groups. If any one owns one of these rifles I would like to hear your thoughts.