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Thread: Geriatric Killer day hike, close Bear Encounter.

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    Default Geriatric Killer day hike, close Bear Encounter.

    Well I did it, the killer dayhike to "Hell". Up Summit Cr. into East Cr. jump into Colorado Creek, transition over to Fox Creek, have lunch, explore two side valleys in Colorado Creek on the way out. 10 hours & 45 Minutes. Colorado Creek is awful. One Grizzly, and one Black Bear at 10 feet. I was able to call him up close, making crying sounds. I got the grizzly to turn and start coming, but he got skid dish and would not come. Was a good day hike. No Caribou, No Sheep, No Humans.

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    I broke a sweat and woke up with cramped calves just reading this.

    Do you carry a metal detector while you are out in nugget land?
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    Good for you man! Thats alot of country to cover in a day!

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    How old is old? Sound younger than most, sitting at their computers. Tell us what other bushwacking you enjoy. From another elder.


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