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Thread: Murky water and Coho's

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    Default Murky water and Coho's

    I will be fly fishing some spots soon for Coho's and some of the spots have very murky water. Will the Coho's be able to see my flies enough to attack them? I will be using flesh flies etc.

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    They need to see bottom or something to orient and hold their place in the current. If you put your fly within that sight range, odds for strikes go way up.

    Color can matter a lot, but less so that fishing depth and location. I'm prone to black or purple, anything dark because it appears they can see it easier than light colors when the water is murky. If you prefer lighter colors, you can up your catch by topping wings and throats with a thin strip of black (I prefer black bear) to give them a "hard" profile. Small bit of fine tuning, but when fishing is tough small things matter a lot more.

    And finally, dead drift generally works better than stripped retrieves, I'm guessing because it gives the fish more time to see a fly and make up their mind to strike. On the subject of dead drift, if there's much current at all you'll cut your potential catch to 10% if you resort to a sink tip, rather than weighted flies with floating line and good line control (mending). It's just about impossible to sustain a dead drift with a sink tip unless it's a real short tip with a short leader.


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