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Thread: Lower Kenai Float for Reds

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    Default Lower Kenai Float for Reds

    With the Kenai currently choked with reds, my brother-in-law in town, and my wife ready to reattempt a float on the Kenai after our rude rousting by a brownie a couple weeks, ago, I am looking to get back down and float for some reds.

    I had hoped to float the upper again, Cooper to Jim's, but that pretty much puts me in the 3 per day, 3 in possession category, unless they've run above the Sanctuary by then.

    What are the floating options on the lower Kenai? Are there shuttle services similar to Wildman's? What about fishing locales? Seems a lot of the riverbank is closed. Are there enough islands to make it work?

    Thanks for any and all advice.


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    The emergency order today called for 6 per day except for the Russian River and fly fishing only area. Which means between the Russian River and the power line. When the reds are in hot and heavy, we skip Cooper Landing and put in at Sportsmans (Russian River Ferry) and float down to Jims. There are plenty of gravel bars to catch reds on between the power line and Jims.

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    Put in at lower skilak to Float the mid river. Lots or reds in there right now and tons of places to fish. First pull out is at Bings, or you can float through Nap Town to Moose river. Its 30 to 45 minutes of rowing from the boat launch unless you have a 4 stroke motor though. Then expect about 6 hours of river time to Bings Landing.


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