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    Default Slana River

    Can anyone that's hunted Slana River area send me a PM for some questions?

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    It has a pretty good population of moose right now. It can be productive for caribou late in the year, as they move back through the area. It is a slow float or boat, lots of slow water and overhanging trees and brush. There is an exceptional run of silvers, but they are blushed by the time they reach there. Grayling is good in spots, but not great anywhere I have tried. Excellent trapping in winter. What species are you going after? It does receive moderate pressure during hunting season, but most simply float or boat it while moving sorta hunt. You have to get out and glass the flats from the few high points along the route.

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    What I'm interested in is the trail coming out of the mentasta lake area. I'm wondering how the terrain is for atv use, or would a track rig be more ideal...thanks for the reply

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    Track rig is fine, used to be the only way. Four wheelers now use it regularly. It forks in a few spots, and some trails go to the top of the ridges and others go to the Little Tok River. You can cross it anywhere up there with a wheeler. Sheep are at the very headwaters of the Little Tok River. It takes you back into some good moose hunting, and some fairly decent sheep hunting. You can also find evidence of mule deer attempting to winter over in there. Shed antlers of mule deer are found often in there. Wolves get them pretty quickly, so I don't think they will establish a herd.

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    Default Slana Country

    It has been many years since I hunted behind Mentasta Village. Lots of trails and used to be good moose country. My first trip there was in 1966. Those I have talked to that were there in the last few years say there are still moose, bears, caribou and some sheep in places. I know one guy who lost his new pick up in the river in the 70's. Lots of native land. My parents had a home a few hundred yards from the Slana River. My first moose, caribou and bear hunts happened there. Great memories! I am sure a good track rig would be better then any 4 wheeler.
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    Default Question for Akres

    Did you intend to say mule deer antler sheds have been found in the upper Slana River area?

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    Thanks .338, I think you're on the side I was asking about. akres, are you talking about the trails off the highway north of mentasta area? I was wondering about the trail that heads off northwest up the slana from mentasta lake. I definitely appreciate the info though, and mule deer? Really? My father-in-law is a trucker and has seen them moving farther and farther up the highway, but I didn't realize they've made the trip that far in!!

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    Default Slana

    I was in that area this summer and there were no trespassing signs. There was also a sign saying you had to check in at the Matasta lodge prior going down the road. Is that area all native or private land? Are you allowed to travel down that trail? Thanks.

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    The Slana River trail leaving Mentasta Village is a BLM easement with a sign in board and everything. Please sign in to show them how many of us utilize the trails. If on wheelers watch out for a couple water crossings during wetter(high water) hunting seasons. Most up there have big tired trucks. Never did like running rivers with the track rigs. Rough on grouzers. Everyone seems to park at the lodge and drive in from there. Tough to do in a track rig. Lots of native lands before the river and even up river a ways. Know the land status before going. Have fun!

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    Talking about the same trail you are. There are actually two that lead to the same place. The old one right by the lodge is steeper. The new one is easier, and ties up with the old one not far in. Yes Mule Deer sheds found there. You can look at some at the lodge. Ohters have found them as well, but carried them home or left them for the critters to chew on.

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    Default Thanks akres

    I really appreciate the info...I guess I just need to get up there and find out for myself how everything lays out! You confused me with the Little Tok River thing...I was thinking that was on the other side of the highway. I'm sure I'll be asking more questions in the future --- thanks for helping me out on this.


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