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    While I was waiting at the Kenai docks for my friend to get his trailer in the water I struck up a conversation with another dip netter. I was lamenting the loss of the 2 stroke motors and the fact that I need to look at purchasing a 4 stroke for my boat. He commented that there are now available EFI kits for older motors. His trailer was in the water about that time, he left to trailer his boat and I didn't get to question him further. Is that a possibility? Are there really after market EFI kits for older 2 stroke motors? Thanks.


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    My understanding that to be Kenai-legal you need a direct injected two stroke.

    I know that there are FI kits available for four-stroke engines (inboard boats for example) and you could probably stick one on a two stroke, but they are not direct injected, it's just a throttle body. To get a direct injection into the cylinder we're talking mounting an injector in the cylinder, having a "brain box" to run it, a high pressure pump, etc... It would probably be cheaper just to buy a DFI or a four stroke engine.

    I found a simple solution to my two-stroke dipnetting problem - had a friend buy a nice boat with a honda four stroke, and now we dipnet off of his boat


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