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Thread: Kenai reds - wild or hatchery?

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    Default Kenai reds - wild or hatchery?

    Probably a no brainer.. but I always wondered.. Are the first and second run wild or hatchery fish?

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    Predominantly wild though they've been boosted by our hatchery system at various locations in the past. Other than hatchery smolt being stronger and healthier than their wild brothers and sisters left to hatch naturally in the same spawning beds that the hatchery eggs are taken from, there is no difference in the fish. Don't get sucked into that BS argument that there is any similarity between hatchery fish and farmed fish. They are completely different. The hatchery fish are for all intents and purposes, wild fish.

    BTW, the commercial fishermen voluntarily paid for the building and operation of many of the hatcheries back in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Then the State took over and screwed it all up.
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    Well said JOAT, I completely agree!
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