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    We took some friends out fishing that have only been in AK for a year. We were fishing in an area that I know we can catch halibut (read..."Chicken Hole") as these were going to be their first halibut...ever. However, like I've been told before "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut". We pulled this 120 lb'er in the boat

    This is a picture of him fighting the fish. It was a good fighter too. It made a run away from the boat twice before coming up for the final time.

    This is me taking the fight out of the fish.

    Here it on the back deck

    This is two of us loading it to a cart for hanging pictures and fileting

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    Awesome, thanks for the pictures! I want to see pictures of one of these bad boys being cut up! Seems like it would take a chainsaw~

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    Nice fish, congrats!


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