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Thread: Kenai Water Quality

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    Default Kenai Water Quality

    Not sure if anybody cares but I just thought I'd share this. Bacteria.pdf

    Some of the text:
    Elevated bacteria found at south Kenai River Beach
    KENAI, Alaska (AP) State officials are reporting elevated levels of enterococci and fecal coliform bacteria at south Kenai River Beach.

    This was discovered in samples taken last Tuesday and Thursday. More samples were to be taken Monday.

    Officials say contact with the bacteria may cause stomachaches, diarrhea or ear, eye and skin infections.

    The Department of Environmental Conservation is recommending beach users take precaution to avoid exposure. These include not drinking or swimming in the water, washing if you do come in contact with it, and rinsing fish caught from the area with clean water. Seafood also should be cooked to a temperature of 145 degree to kill pathogens.

    The cause isn't known for increased levels at the beach, located on the south bank of the Kenai River where it meets Cook Inlet.

    Just try not to drink beach water

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    dippers must be afraid of losing there spot if they run up to the motorhome to poop

    I'm taking a poll
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    And here I thunk'd it were the commercial drift netters emptying their heads at sea......

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    Yup...same thing last year....

    **excerpt July 16 2010**
    Kenai City Manager Rick Koch, however, said there's a suspected cause.

    "While the DEC says that the source is unknown, in my discussions with them they say that it's likely fecal matter from birds that are feeding on the fish waste that is being left on the beach," Koch told the Peninsula Clarion. "They said there's even some harbor seals that are feeding on some of the fish waste that could contribute to it as well."

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    Quote Originally Posted by fullbush View Post
    dippers must be afraid of losing there spot if they run up to the motorhome to poop
    Now that is some funny shXt!
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    My mom told me about seeing this warning when I talked to her last night. I told her this is just an annual warning they give to scare as many people as possible from coming down from Anchorage and Wasilla to keep the crowds here in the Peninsula down!!

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    Might wonder about just how gin clear their waste treatment plant is that"s right there.
    This might be just scare, but it might also explain the sore that just showed up on my forearm.

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    Kenai city water is terrible. Safe maybe, buts it's as off colored as any tap water I have EVER seen. Literally like half tea half water.

    I would think that area had to be high in various bacterial count just by the number of animals including people.


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