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Thread: Huge Wood Sailboat at Seward July 16th Sat

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    Default Huge Wood Sailboat at Seward July 16th Sat

    Any one have any info. on this beauty its huge would like to know specs. did not get a boat name it was anchored outside
    of the harbor. Look at the rigs behind it to get a size perspective. Caught a limit of Silvers in Agnes cove. Brads super
    baits I,m sold on them.
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    Thanks for the post, I was wondering where I parked that thing.

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    I was wondering why it was parked where it was...not too bright considering weekend traffic.

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    Looks like the same one that was in Kodiak a couple weeks ago. They were going to sail around the island for a couple weeks sight seeing I guess. My wife talked to a couple Aussi girls that were part of the crew. I think she said it was 58 meters long, called the Erika and was Swedish owned. Looks like she is flying a Swedish flag so it must be the same one.

    Now we have another in town, could sware it's even bigger than this one. Ahh, the good life.

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    Hmm, just looked it up. Oops, "only" 52 meters/172' and all aluminum.

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    That must be it lines looked to clean for wood. Its a beauty.


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