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Thread: be honest with your charter Captin

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    Thumbs up be honest with your charter Captin

    This past saturday went out with Dennis on the Otter Dodger. We told him up front we were more interested in having a good fun trip instead of big fish. We also let him know that two of our party was limited physically due to surgury for one, and a motorcyle accident for the other. He took us to a great rock fish hole, then to a fantastic chicken hole. Even though we weren't looking for a big fish we did not throw back the two biggens we caught! He and his crew were just great. Even told some jokes and really took care of us. Neither complained when I jumped in and started filleting fish either.

    Morel is: Be straight upfront with your boat captin and you will all be happy.


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    We went out with Dennis last year. You have to love the Otter Dodger, and when he brings her up on step - ya baby!

    He worked harder for us than any other charter boat that we have been on. He didn't run a deck hand when we went.

    One thing - on the boats that run way out of port - the captains are usually pretty tired first thing in the morning - most of them, once they get a couple cups of java under their belt are good conversationalists and fun to talk with on lots of subjects.


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