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Thread: NEW in Town, would love to have someone to fish with!

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    Default NEW in Town, would love to have someone to fish with!

    Hello everyone!
    I've been in Anchorage now for about 2 weeks (came up from Seattle) , and have been trying to go fishing and has not worked too well lol.
    I was wondering if any of the experienced fisherman here would give some kind advice, also, I am hoping to go down to the Kenai river this weekend, and if someone from Anchorage would like to go and show me AK fishing, , I'll totally drive/pay for gas.
    Thanks all,


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    I'll be arriving down there (Soldotna area) Friday afternoon, and the rest of my crew doesn't get in until Sat night. Might have some time to show you a few of the fishing spots Friday evening and Sat if you make it down there. Shoot me a note at coastal_storm at if you think you're going to make it down.

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    Ill probably be heading down on saturday or sunday. I also live in anchorage. Shoot me a PM with your number and Ill let you know when Im planning my trip. Ill get you set up and hopefully we will both get on some fish. I hooked and lost 7 today so I have an idea Im doing something right just gotta put the finish on em!
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    I have a few friends coming up from the lower 48 next week. We are probably going to try a few fly out locations for silvers and pike. Depending on weight I should have room sometime after wed (wife goes back to work).


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