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Thread: How far do you walk?

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    Default How far do you walk?

    Hey there,

    This is a poll on how far some of us actually walk on a given hunt. The rules are simple. How many actual miles do you think you average on a typical hunt? This would be the total number of miles, not just the miles you walk to access the hunt area. Include packing, stalking, hunting... the whole deal.

    Should be interesting.

    Your name won't be revealed!

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    Default depends...

    Most of my hunting is lining a canoe upstream, floating downstream. Some falls the river is high enough to use a jon boat with kicker. Usually line 7miles a day, generally go about 20 miles upstream, float back downstream. Glass from certain bluffs, spend whole days camped on bluffs. Sometimes the moose are around, sometimes not. The deal about canoe hunting is a whole moose won't fit in a 17' canoe, so you have to float half of it home, then line back to get the other half, which doubles the walking. I answered 20-30 miles, but it's usually more. Not counting the hikes up bluffs, stalks, packing.


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    Another tough one, as it varies widely from hunt to hunt. Since I chose "highway vehicle" on the other poll, I averaged my distance from the road for this one (although I think my other hunts average roughly the same distance).

    I chose 20-30 miles. On a typical sheep hunt I'll walk 10-15 miles, and if successful I've always been able to get it out in one trip. Well, there was one exception when I was solo and had to go back for my camp, but that one was only about 6 miles from the road. For caribou, I would say that I'm usually 5-8 miles off the road, though that usually is accompanied by two trips, unless I'm with someone on a day hunt without a camp to pack out.

    Sometimes longer, sometime shorter...tough to quantify on a general basis.


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    Question how far walk!!

    For sheep hunting it depends on the mountain range being hunted. For the Brooks Range usu'ly not less than 5-7 miles per day for 10 to 14 days. Alaska Range prob more like 2-4 and a bit more for the Chugach and Wrangles. For bears it is mostly just to and from prime glassing areas and I utilize a 4 wheeler for moose. For goats it is highly dependent on where the hunt is taking place.

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    Default huh? Fat Man Walking must be here...

    someone circumnavigates the globe!!! :P

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    Thumbs up Walking

    A heck of a lot more than I had to do Ohio!!

    But what a rewarding experience at the end of the hike up the mountain....

    I figure 20+ miles on my last bear hunt.


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