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Thread: Two Questions in One (Concerning Bulk Foods & Wall Tents)

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    Default Two Questions in One (Concerning Bulk Foods & Wall Tents)

    1.) Anyone know any good places/deals on bulk foods (rice, beans, flour, the staples!) other than Costco and Sams Club in ANC or elsewhere??? Thinking 50lb bags or more here if possible.

    2.) Want to buy a wall tent as an emergency shelter. Must fit two-three people comfortably and be able to survive an interior winter. What size, where to buy? Was looking at the wall tents at 6th Ave Outfitters and wondering if anyone out there has one from there and if they are happy with it??? Any other misc wall tent info would be welcomed.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.........
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    Try Alaska Tent & Tarp 100 E international airport rd. anchorage. Phone 1-800-478-8368. Good Luck

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    1) Try The Natural Pantry in Anch. they have the bulk sizes that you are looking for, but they tend to be a little spendy. You could also put together a load from outside and have it trucked up with Lynden or another trucking company. You might check the prices at Bob's Redmill, I think they are on the west coast, Oregon?

    2) There is only one tent that I would consider for interior winter survival, that would be The Arctic Oven sold by Ak Tent and Tarp in Anch. They are big money, but what is the value of your and your families life? With this tent and a sattalite phone you will live to spend another winter in the bush.
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    Bulk rice beans flour can be bought from food services of america or sysco think food service.


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