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Thread: estimated time frame?

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    Default estimated time frame?

    does anyone have any idea how long the reds will continue to come in this way? I net in kasilof out of a boat but I cant make it down until thurs 28th it has been about a week to see the big numbers hit from the OTF sites to the river but it is 12 days away.I guess I can just hope those OTF numbers stay strong for the next week straight. Any thoughts would be appreciated I'm getting worried I'm gonna miss em!

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    Sorry I don't have good news.

    You have two concerns:
    1. Declining numbers in late July
    2. Terminal Fishery

    Historically, numbers drop off after the 25th. That may be run strength OR the fact the ADF&G does not want too many fish in the river messing up the spawning beds. Once a terminal fishery is ordered, the goal is for no more fish to enter the river.

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    That being said, who knows exactly how it will be this year?



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