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Thread: Summit Lake Hiking (Delta Junct/Paxson/Glennallen Side) ?

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    Default Summit Lake Hiking (Delta Junct/Paxson/Glennallen Side) ?

    Hey there, we're looking for some good mountain and lake trails around Summit Lake near Paxson. Possibly some fishing too Anybody found a good one near here? Looking for something semi-challenging, not too extreme, and something you can camp. Thanks

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    I'd look into the Jarvis Crk/Coal Mine Rd area about 30miles south of Delta J. There are stocked lakes up there and not to much activity until hunting season, I can't remember the mile post, butdo now the state used to put out a brochure on the area. Spectular views of the Alaska Range and the Delta river drainage. As far as hiking around the other areas its available but all ATV trails.


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