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Thread: Fixing crack in duroboat

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    Default Fixing crack in duroboat

    I hit a wave very hard at the stern of boat on a stormy day in the ocean and a crack 25 inches long was the result. I was thinking about putting a sheet metal plate in at first but I it seems I could not get it flush due to it being along a keel flange(not sure what it is called). I do not want to pay big bucks on a welder if it will just re-tear again. The culprit seemed to be a bit of electrolysis mixed with a loose frame permitting flex. Thought of JB weld or similar as well. I would be happiest with a plate some how covering it though just not seeing this possibility.

    By the way I did just drill holes on the termination of the crack.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Don't weld on the Duroboat. some areas included sealant and plastic key either of which might melt and cause a bigger mess.
    call the Duroboat factory at 731 986 2524 They will tell you how to evaluate what you have and possibly walk your through potential fixes.


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