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Thread: Root crops won't grow fat roots

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    Default Root crops won't grow fat roots

    Did you see the pic in the other thread of the long dandelion root. That's what our radish crop looks like...........sorta. Our carrots will hardly grow and our turnips don't get a big fat root either.
    We have a greenhouse and have radishes both in the green house and outside. My professional gardener domestic partner says the radishes needed more water.
    Anyway............what's wrong that we can't get good healthy roots? We always planted radishes in the garden as a kid and never had trouble getting a good crop.
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    Space the radishes properly and put in good soil (nevermind what the seed catalog says about radishes growing in almost any soil). Do not let the radishes get too dry. When radishes get too dry and hot and they think it's time to seed out. I water mine once or twice a day. I also sprinkle lightly with wood ashes to prevent root maggots. I've had two good crops this year already. Maybe they are getting too much nitrogen from fertilizer or in the soil? Of all these things are possibilities. The water is probably most important. Always water, water, water.


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