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    Its funny how time and distance limit the amount of concern we have for a friend we cannot reach by phone. I had a friend, and I have few whom I have worked and hunted with. When you hunt with someone more than once it usually means you trust them. Not only how they handle themselves in the field but how they keep all the things have you told them to themselves. My friend Bruce Robertson was that person. I met Bruce when he came to work at the same company I was a supervisor at. After I left that company and lost touch with him I went to work on the slope years later. Not knowing anyone up there has its hardships. Imagine me surprise when I discovered Bruce working for the same company. Bruce was hard to miss. As a nearly seven foot tall Tlinquit he stood out and ducked under most doors. Getting out of a vehicle was like watching someone unfold a road map. Bruce took a lot of ribbing about his size and looking only slightly like "lurch".

    None the less he was gentle with a warm sense of humor. He could make a coffee cup disappears in his hand. So fast to smile at a joke yet maintain an expressionless face as a victim of his numerous practice jokes complained. Having hunted last with Bruce in Sitka I had to adjust my pace to allow him to get his long legs over blow downs or crawl on all fours under logs. Bruceís father is a famous artist but Bruce rarely let on other than to say of his dad, he sees a wave and can paint it even though it will never repeat itself the same way twice.

    I lost contact with my friend for almost a year when his number was disconnected. I tried to reach him a few times always assuming he lost his phone and would call me when he bought a new one.

    Now for the sad part. I happened to find his parents home number in Sitka this week and called. On the second attempt I reached his mom. And the end of my friendís life unfolded this way. As she went in and out of crying she told me that Bruce went up on Harbor mountain road last August. He didnít come home as planned. They werenít overly concerned as he was an accomplished hunter and outdoorsman. As the day faded to night it was apparent something must have happened. Law enforcement was called and many days later his body was found.

    All indications were he fell 500 feet to his end. Bruce died doing his favorite thing in a truly wild and beautiful place. My regrets are I didnít try harder to contact him, for you see I didnít learn of his death for almost a year.

    The message here is simple. Keep in touch with a friend, they are easy to loose no matter how big they are.

    So long friend.

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    Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Hope you and his family are doing ok.

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    Touching story.... Time to make a couple calls myself....

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    And so you will carry him for many years, and I will now carry him as well even though I didn't know him. Sorry for your loss.

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    Sorry for your loss, and thank you for the reminder. I need to get on the phone tonight myself.


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