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Thread: Advice for father/son unit 26 caribou hunt

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    Default Advice for father/son unit 26 caribou hunt

    Hello all,My father and I are planning a caribou hunt in 26B and are looking for general advice on good locations to set up base camp. My father is going to fly his PA-14 and I am driving my truck up from Anchorage. We are thinking of either flying out of happy valley or flying in and out of Kavik river camp until we find caribou and a good spot to land and camp. Neither of us have hunted up there and looking for a good point in the right direction.Thanks for any advice in advance. We are not looking for trophies just a great father & son wilderness experience that can hopefully feed our families for winter.

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    Default sounds like a plan

    That's pretty much what I would do for a hunt in that area. Be flexible, do some flying to figure out where the animals are, and then set up camp. They tend to move a bit. There's lots of places to land a PA-14 up there. Happy and Kavik are good starting points. Good luck.


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