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    I'll be moving to the area in the next few weeks(military). After reading a lot of the posts here on this forum it seems that my best bet at getting back into some good hunting would be baiting for black bear. Did some deer hunting in Oregon prior to enlistment but have been overseas for the past 7 years. I'll be living in Wasilla and was wondering how far from home would I have to go in order to find a nice area to set up? I don't want your hard earned "sweet spot", just an idea of how far I need to travel in order to get started. I'm very excite about living in Alaska! Newbie from Oregon, Hello everyone, and thanks for some great info on this forum.

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    honestly there are lots of areas with-in a hour of your location.. the big issue for you is A. you will be a non res hunter next season (a little bit more expensive but not that huge of a draw back) and issue 2 is the bait season is over unless your on pred control. Do a lot of research and do not get discouraged after you do find a spot and set up if it hasnt been hit 85% of the season. Big issues on new sites (we learned this first hand this year on our 2 stations) was it takes time to get established. We did not get our big hits until 3/4 through the season. Other contributing factors will be how you plan on getting to your location (argo, boat, quad or may god have pitty on your soul "foot" we did this on foot this year and it can be a lot of work so be prepared).

    Unit 16 has a large population of brown bears (currently illegal to take over bait) we saw a 8-1 brown to black at our sites. but you also have some other locations a bit closer but will be more heavily baited.

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    roger on bait season being over. I have a lot of time to scope out areas though. I'll be stationed in Anchorage so I'll get the bonus of only having to pay resident price on most fees (according to Alaska regs), Brown bear will have to wait a year till I get residency but that's fine. It's going to take me a while before I feel comfortable chasing a big brown. I plan to purchase an ATV as soon as I can afford it. Thanks for the info

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    there are lots of areas to bait near wasilla. Only issue is having to be 1 mile away from cabins, homes, dwellings, etc. as there are lots of cabins in the matsu, even in areas you wouldn't think there would be. Nonetheless there are areas you can bait and get away from others, just have to put in the extra work to get there. Now is a good time to scope out areas for baiting. Google Earth is a good place to start.

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    didn't think about google earth. great idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NhraFox View Post
    ...Do a lot of research...
    Yes ... for me, its challenging to get a handle on the unit boundaries, seasons for the different critters. Read the regulations, ask questions, discuss with others the boundaries. Context is everything so don't rely on what anyone says or what you interpret they are saying.
    ... I recall a trip where I was looking for a moose. Came across several bulls but they didn't meet the spike, fork, width or brow tine count ... so I let them pass. After a couple hours of thinking and wondering why there weren't any camps nearby, traffic along the road ... or hunters around .. .I rechecked the regulations and realized that while a small area within the unit was open ... but the area I was in had closed earlier in the week. Fortunately, I did not try to harvest a moose and the spruce hens and ruffed grouse were both in-season and tasty.

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    agreed, I've been reading those regs and they look like they can be pretty confusing...and I though Oregon was bad.


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