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    Default Grizzly Charters

    We have a trip booked w/Grizzly Charters in Homer-end of July. Anyone have experience w/them?

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    Default Grizzly

    had a charter with them early last season.

    good guys, friendly. be aware that they do run smaller than average charter boats. if any in your group has problems with sea sickness be sure to take the necessary precautions.

    they worked hard to get us our fish. good luck!

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    Default good operation

    those are good guys, plenty of experience.
    you'll have a great time.
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    Thanks for the input. Rough seas didn't bother me when I was in the Navy, but that was a long time ago. What do you recommend to help aleviate sea sickness?

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    Default sea sickness remedies

    I've never been affected myself. my wife is a firm believer in dramamine, which is OTC.

    I've had family swear by those pressure bands.

    Good luck!

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    Default Seasick

    I would either get a patch from your Dr or go with old standby Dramamine which you can get just abut anywhere.


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    Default sea sickness

    Another product that is similar to dramamine is called Bodine. It takes care of the motion sickness without the drowsy effects that dramamine has. It is available over the counter but you have to ask for it from the druggist. It should be available at most pharmacy's.


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    Default sea sick

    i have a real problem with motion sickness' and i have tried EVERTHING!!!!!
    the transdermal patch is the only thing that has worked for me.
    you need a doctors prescription. they are kinda spendy i think about 10 bucks each.
    i have never felt any side effects such as being drowsy or spacy.


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