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Thread: New EO on Kenai/Kasilof gillnetting

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    Default New EO on Kenai/Kasilof gillnetting

    So who was planning on heading down saturday and having second thought? Sounds like it's still slow on the beach and with commercial boats all over offshore, I think it's gonna be pretty slow tomorrow as well. I think I'll go on sunday...

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    The offshore test fishery went from 227 on July 9, which was just above the historic low (119)to a cumulative index of 1,369 through July 14, which is just below the historic record (1,433).
    The OTF index today (July 15) is expected to be greater than 300. Including today, the number
    of days the OTF index has been over 100 is now seven, which has never occurred since the
    inception of the test fishery in 1979.
    I just got back after four days of dipnetting from a boat in the Kenai. It was very, very slow. In short, the fish just aren't there.

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    I saw lots of trucks with dipnets in the back headed south today.

    We have been planning on a Sunday departure all along, so I am hopeful the action will pick up by then. Worst cast we will have a fun camping trip during my week off.
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    Got 40 yesterday.

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    Just got back from kosilof tonight, was there since wedsnday. Was really slow until Saturday tides and Sunday noting tide ended up getting 55 fish. Was a great camping trip and had fun with my wife and kids.

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    My brother and family cleaned house from the beach yesterday (Kenai). Said they limited and came home last night.

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    98 fish on saturday with one net most of the time. Had a minor problem and had to repair the second net. From a boat.


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