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Thread: Yamaha Power Trim & Tilt Question

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    Default Yamaha Power Trim & Tilt Question

    The trim indicator on my Yamaha (F-150) tach just reads full up. I am assuming that it is not the tach but a sensor that has gone bad. Anybody have an idea where the sending unit for the trim indicator is located. I do see a wire that goes into the lower unit.

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    Check out this previous thread on Yamaha trim guage issues:


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    Default Trim indication....

    Items 1, 2, 3 and 4 on this drawing are the items that you want to look at. I have the same problem on my boat and thought (hoped) it was just the bracket. I replaced it but the sender is bad so I'll have to get one of those now. If you need a new bracket let me know as I have an unopened extra. I got the drawing from here:

    Good luck....


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    Thanks for all the help. At least I know where to look. I do not know whether this had anything to to, but I was getting the boat ready in the spring. The tilt was lifting, but very slowly. I headed to the dealer to make an appointment and the service guy said it was probably just a ground wire I missed. Whats that saying " No sense in being stupid if you can't show it once in awhile"

    Thanks again



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