I will be traveling up to AK this fall to mtn goat hunt with my brother in law. Unfortunately he only has a little over a week to go goat hunting. I've heard the rainbow fishing in the Kenai area is pretty remarkable in the fall and would like to stay additional days and do some fishing. Obviously I don't want to do anything illegal but just wanted to get together and enjoy AK and possibly CO with someone rather than going by myself. If anyone would be interested in joining me in early Sept to fish the Kenai or other areas I would be willing to help them out fishing or hunting here in Colo or Wyo some time. I've done very well over the years hunting for antelope, muledeer, elk, shiras moose, bighorn, and mtn goat. We also have excellent trout fishing. If anyone is interested in joining me, please email me at: jseb@lamar.colostate.edu