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Thread: Taking the kids to Valdez

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    Default Taking the kids to Valdez

    Any news on the pinks at Valdez? We want to take the kids down and slay them......

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    ANGLER: *******
    TRIP DATE: 7/9
    REGION: Prince William Sound
    WATER: Valdez
    SPECIES: Pinks
    REPORT: Pinks were numerous and easy to catch over the weekend. If you didn't get a limit you didn't have a line in the water. Beautiful fish, nice and bright, with some a very good size. They were hitting on just about any kind of lure, though Pixees and Vibrax seemed most popular among the fishermen. A couple guys were using flies and having a blast. Snaggers were nailing them out from the weir area. The fishing is too easy to say it requires much skill, but it's a really great place to teach your kids how to cast, set a hook, keep a rod tip up, etc. It didn't seem to matter what tide you fished, but I fished the incoming tide and an hour or so before high tide until an hour after it looked like everyone was hooking up like crazy.

    An occasional bear visit, of course, but more so in the early morning and late evening while I was there.


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