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    Hey all going to be in Kodiak Aug 5th-8th and have the oppurtunity to rent a raft from the Coast Guard MWR so thought I would look into the possible floats in Kodiak. We are fairly novice so not really looking for "white water thrills" more just love to bob down rivers in beautiful scenery and feel "remote". We would be renting a car and so transportation to a put-in would be no problem but we would want something fairly simple to find our way back to either hitch-hiking or taxi or shuttle or whatever it is Kodiak rafters do. Thanks for any advice you might throw our way.

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    Hey man, I hate to disappoint, but there are not a lot of roadside rafting options in Kodiak. Your best bet would be to squeeeeze down the's on the road system, mellow, and there are lots of fish. You can R2 down Sargent Creek (and others) when the streams blow up, although those are more technical whitewater trips. And, the Karluk is one of the best fishing rivers in the state, yet it is an expensive fly-out. Kodiak is one of the coolest places on the earth (we own 5 acres down there), yet it is definitely not a rafting mecca. If you really want to enjoy Kodiak, go sea kayaking, mtn. biking, fishing (salt and fresh), diving, SUP, surfing, kite boarding, hunting, birding, or hiking (it is world-class in all those areas).

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    Probably the closest decent float is the Uganik River from Uganik Lake to Uganik Bay. It's a plane ride at each end, and you have to time your arrival at Uganik Bay to a fairly high stage of the tide. At low tide the mud flats are extensive and your plane won't be able to get to you. It's a "day float" only if you stop and fish or hike here and there. You could probably make it straight through in 3-4 hours. Mellow water and very good fishing.


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