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Thread: Wolverine Peak

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    Default Wolverine Peak

    I am new to Anchorage (moved here last October) and was looking for some info on hiking Wolverine. I am wondering how long it takes from the closest parking area? How tough is it? I have an animal of a 9 year old who wants to go. Any input is welcome.

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    Start at the Prospect Heights trail-head. Google it, can't explain directions better than google does.
    It is an 11 mile round trip, I believe. Used to take me four hours, 2.5 hours up and 1.5 down. Takes me longer now. Mountain must have got steeper.
    If windy, I dislike it. If sunny, it is a really great workout, regardless of how long it takes. It will take a couple hours lomnger with your kid, any kid. Take it slow and easy and make it fun. Remember that your kid is not yet training for a sheep hunt.

    Trail starts off as a road and becomes a trail one hour into the hike, where the climbing uphill begins. Thousands of hikers hike it during the summer. Enough of us do it in the winter and the trail stays well packed.

    With a child, pick a sunny Saturday. One hour + into the hike after the first real uphill section you will come to a flat area with a big rock. Great view of Anchorage and time for a gaterade. From there you can decide how much farther your kid might want to go.

    Great for the cardio system going up. Great for the quads coming down. Very great for ones soul both ways, part ways, any way, every way, any day.


    Welcome to the forum with your first, your #1, thread/post/contribution.


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