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Thread: Kodiak Aug 5-8 (To Boat or Not to Boat)

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    Default Kodiak Aug 5-8 (To Boat or Not to Boat)

    Trip details are finally coming together and the family and I will be in Kodiak from Aug 5th - Aug 8th. Being military we have access to some fun rental stuff from the Coast Guard including a boat and camper. So with flights booked I am turning my attention to recreation. So a few questions for my favorite forum

    - How long would you rent a boat in hopes of getting some good fishing in from Kodiak (they rent hourly)
    - What type of fish would be in Salt at that time?
    - How much exploring and/or site-seeing possibilities are there from a boat (how long would these take)
    - Any chance of boating to a good/reasonable bear viewing area (flights are so expensive)

    Now question two is regarding the camper as I am debating just staying in Kodiak or renting a car and hitting the roadway for some camping/fishing/sight-seeing.

    - What fresh water action might be going around this time
    - Any great camp-sites we should/could check out

    Well any other Kodiak information you could send my way would be greatly appreciated.

    Ben Johnson

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    Check your PMs, call me, im at the base.

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    I'd wait until you get there before and see what the weather is doing before renting a boat. Over a 4 day period you could quite easily have sea conditions that would never allow you to leave the harbor.
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    You will also have to take their boating course to get a card to use the boats, you might be better off getting someone from the base to take you out. They have really nice boats by the way. Halibut, Lings, silvers and kings will be the 4 most common targets around that time. Not much boat sight seeing for bears, best bet is to go past the base a few miles and check Sargent Creek and Russian River in the Flats, bears have been around quite a bit the last couple years. Too much actually. Good luck.

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    Pay your way into a charter, road fish via a quality guidebook without a guide, and spring for an ATV guided trip if you are flush with cash.

    If you are on the skim, roadfish via a quality guidebook without a guide, surf cast into Mill Bay for silvers, hit Myrtle Beach for dollies, and take your risks with the hourly rental.

    Beyond all, the best value in capital loutlay is the all day charter for 2 halibut, maybe a lucky king, perhaps a ling cod, Pacific cod, and take 5 silver if your skipper is in the know...

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    Default Pasagshak Fun!

    August is a great time for the road system on Kodiak. I used to run my Zodiak out from Pasagshak Bay to the point and catch the heck out of Halibut. Inn fact biggest Halibut (160 lbs) I have ever personaly caught was at the point in about 90ft of water from my zodiak. Kick ass Dungy Crab fishing just off from shore too! If the weather is great you will have a ball.
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