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    I'm looking for information on the condition of the Pollard trail at Tustemena this year. I want to scout the area prior to the hunt but I'm currently in the sand box and will only have a few weeks to prep the steeds and gear and may not have time to get all the way back in there. I heard that the park funds for annual clearing were cut this year but I have never been back there and I'm not sure how much affect that might have, although I have looked over maps of the area for close to a year now and collected a lot of info from this forum so my biggsest concern is which trail I should shoot for balancing trail condition and hunting pressure from either side of the refuge. I like the idea of the Pollard because I can cache some gear and hay with a boat. Any info from the great folks on the Penn that have used the trail this summer would be much appreciated.


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    Post DC608 report. Just wanted anyone not familiar with this area and putting in for the permit due to the fact that it's close to Anchorage, you really need to do some research and some of it I found here on AOD, folks I ran into in the area and the area F&G Biologist. I have hunted up here since the late 70's and this was one of the toughest (especially for a bou) and time consuming I have spent my time on. I scouted the horse trails around Tustemena for 3 days and eventually chose a trail from Funny river road to go in from the other side. The Parks service did a great job with clearing trail but a few of our critters were borrowed and when we rode in a couple days and ran into some bad trail and mud we decided the welfare of the horses/mules were priority and turned around. A week later we flew in with a charter so we were limited on our hunt area. with approximately 600-700 Bou in a very large area we did not expect to see large bands but for three days we saw nothing but some Blackies up high on the blueberries. Other hunters in the area said they had seen nothing. We eventually ran into a small band about 4.5 miles from the lake and my partner and I were lucky enough to harvest what I consider 2 nice animals. once completely Boned out the combined weight came to over 500#. The pack was tough and the weather was worse. Just wanted to post our experience because looking at the stats from F&G, out of 25 permits, usually 50% report that they hunted the area and approx half of that report a harvest. It's beautiful country on the penninsula and it's pretty cool to hunt areas that I've read about hunters going back in there a hundred years ago. I just hope that if folks that are unfamiliar apply, they are willing to make a go of it. I suppose a fella could get lucky and catch one on a lakes edge but that was not our experience in the six days we were there
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackhawkranch View Post
    my partner and I were lucky enough to harvest what I consider 2 nice animals.
    I would agree.
    Go Big Red!

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    Excellent caribou! This hunt has held a top spot in my draw tag wishlist for a few years now. I'll be emailing you for advice when I draw this tag next year.

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    It's nice to see someone search out all the info they can on a spot then connect with such a great looking bull. Congrats.

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    Thanks Guys, like I said it was a new area to me but I will let you know everything I learned if you draw it next year


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