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Thread: Prepping some salmon for the smoker

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    Default Prepping some salmon for the smoker

    I had a few left over fillets in the freezer so I decided to make some smoked salmon. First I deboned, removed the skin and then laid them in a bath of 1 part white wine and 1 part Yoshida's. Most find this odd but I let the pieces soak for up to five days. With this brine the secret is the longer the soak the better the smoked salmon. On sunday I'll put the chunks in the smoker with apple wood chips and a shot of brandy in the chips for flavor.

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    I forgot to take a pic of the fish on the rack so I snapped a pic of the final product all ready for the freezer. Overall the fish was pretty good, not my best but I'll take it either way.

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    'Bout time to get some more
    pull my finger....

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    WG- How do you store your vacuum-packed fish?
    The finished product looks moist and tasty. Thank you for the tips - here and on other threads too.

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    I store them in the chest freezer sealed with the cheap food storage vacuum sealer. I really think a better sealer is the key to better salmon. Eventually I will upgrade.


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