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Thread: Going out this weekend 16-18

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    Going out with a fellow hunter this weekend (fri-sun) to scout early (yes very earl spring) blacks as well as wolf. We are planning on hunting past danali as well as scoping some areas up in area 20 (fairbanks/chena hot springs) we are using snow machines to access deep woods areas and both will be carrying 30-06 as well as side arms. I got a phone call from a friend a week ago that a few blackies were spotted on his land in cantwell and a good amount of wolf. Just curious (as this is my 1st bear hunt in alaska) as to what I should expect (yes i know dont get your hopes up) as well as the best tecniques for wolf (i was told that I should follow the caribu heards and about 1 mile after they pass through usually packs are tracking the heards. Any help will be great

    weekend weather says 20's+ with random flurries so weather is starting to warm up a bit.

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    Default hunting early

    For many years i get the premature hunting bug. I have seldom ever seen anything before April 15th But it is always good to get out and enjoy yourself whether you shoot somthing or not. Have fun, Chef

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    Concentrate your efforts in brushy draws or river beds. Look for small prey tracks and you will find the predators. If you find an area where the caribou or moose have yarded up for some time, you might find a wolf pack working them, but you need to watch the animal concentration for a day or two to determine whether or not the wolves are present. They hunt mostly at night and lay up during the day. Too early for many bears to be out. You can set your bear calendar for April 10th. That is when most boars come out. Look for open dens way high, in the most inaccessible area you can describe. A few black bears den up in the forested areas, but I doubt you will see them, without almost running over them.


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