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    Has anybody camped on the coast a short boat ride from Whittier? im trying to plan this wicked cool camping trip where I can see lots of animals and take my inflatable kayak tooling around in some cove or lagoon and chill out close to the beach for a few days. Dies anybody have any advice on a trip like this or expiriences they would like to share?

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    Lazy Otter takes lots of kayakers out. I wouldn't advise paddling Passage Canal although folks do it. Too much boat traffic and wakes. Captain Mike can take you out and then pick you up when and where you want. I would advise going with someone who knows the Sound and has been there before. It's a beutiful place but can be deadly if you don't watch what you are doing. And in an inflateable kayak you are certainly at the mercy of the weather, tides etc. There is lots of information out there. I would start with "A Guide to Prince William Sound" by Jim and Nancy Lethcoe. Good luck

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    Title of the book is "A Cruising Guide to Prince William Sound"

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    Blackstone Bay might be your closest option. Camping and paddling somewhere near the glacier could be fun, but might also be a bit chilly. My wife and I rented the Paulson Bay cabin which is a little bit further out of passage canal, but nicely protected, has Forest Service cabin, and has some interesting kayaking. We have inflatable kayaks that we take out on our boat and explore the coastline around our campsite with. From the Paulson Bay cabin its a very short kayak to a small group of islands which are fun to explore. I'd highly recommend it. Another cove that we've stopped at and plan to explore this summer via kayak is Hobo Bay. Oh, and Derrickson Bay near the south end of Culross Passage is an absolute must, there's a lagoon at the head of the bay and during low tide there's some large icebergs that get grounded and are fun to walk/paddle around. Spectacular scenery with lots of large granite walls/glaciers that make you feel like you're in the Sierras. Can't wait to go back, there are limitless places to explore in Prince William Sound - have fun!

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    Default cabin

    Definitely would get picked up and dropped off.

    Also, an inflatible kayak? I'd take a hardshell if you can.
    Does your kayak have a spray skirt?

    Blackstone is nice, windy sometimes. Don't paddle too close to the glacier. You can camp on the island in the middle of the bay and use it as a base.

    Another option might be a trip down Culross passage. You could get dropped off and picked up but its a bit further out. Lots of nooks and crannies to explore- more bugs and more black bears here.

    I've heard of people going up Wells Passage and into Harriman, but a lot of wind funnels down there. I've heard of people camping on beaches there in sight of glaciers to be rudely awakened by waves generated from huge calves breaking over their tent.

    Tides are huge everywhere, so watch you don't camp on the tideline. Done that too.

    Oh, and have fun.

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    I like Eaglek bay with the huge waterfall in cascade bay and lots of protected shoreline to poke around in. if I were going to paddle around that would be one of my top 500 or so must see scenic areas in PWS. About 50 miles or so out of Whittier but it wont have as much boat traffic as some other spots like Culross passage.

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    Default What time of year

    I see lots of posts that mean camping in deep snow pack if you go in may. Mid june and most should be cleared above the tideline. I really like three finger bay at the back of cochrane. If you wouldn't mind some company I would be willing to rent a kayak and we could use my boat to get out to wherever you might be looking at. If you are talking about marine wildlife, you might have to travel across to port wells to ester passage, a great trip all in all.. Even if you only go to pigot bay or to the back of blackstone, you will love the trip.



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