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Thread: Nenana River Denali to Parks

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    Default Nenana River Denali to Parks

    A couple of weeks ago my wife, our dog, and I floated from Cooper Landing to Jim's on the Kenai. It was all good except for a bear ran us out of camp and we ended up on an island with a lovely couple from Peter's Creek. I'm not sure when I'll get her back down there for an overnight.

    My brother-in-law is in town for a while. I've never done the Nenana Denali HWY to Parks HWY. I want to, but first am checking on conditions and previous experiences. Has anyone been there yet this year?

    I've got a 14' NRS Cat. It will be the three of us plus one dog. From looking at the map, we shouldn't experience any big water of any kind in that stretch. Is this correct? What about AHTNA land access, any issues there?

    Thanks ahead of time for any info!


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    Late 70's and early 80's I did it alot. I hear they run tour boats threw there now. We used Grumman 17' canoes.

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    im assuming you mean from the put-in on the denali hwy 15 miles east of cantwell to the take-out on the parks 5 miles north of cantwell? this is an easy float, similar to the kenai, a bit smaller and slower even. it does get very windy approaching the takeout, and you may have to really fight it to make any progress, but other than that youre fine.

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    I floated this the first week of june this year.... Great float! That section is slow and easy. We spent about 5 hrs on the river to complete this section of our float and has a touch of tail wind the second half of the time. There is a jet boat tour on the river. They start at the parks and run up to the only cabin you will see on river left. If you want to check the water there is a stream gauge and American whitewater has recommended floating levels on there website @


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