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Thread: Glenn Highway hiking?

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    We're driving the Glenn next week down to Anchortown from Fairbanks and haven't been down it in years. We have 3 days and am wondering if anyone has ideas on how to kill time on trails-we could do a quick over night backpack or just a couple of day hiking options... 10-20 mile trails or open route finding ideas. Preferably non-motorized or areas that are not totally chewed up by ATVs.

    Thanks for any ideas!

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    Are you doing the Parks Highway straight from Fairbanks to Anchorage, or are you doing the Richardson from Fairbanks to Glennallen and then the Glenn Highway from Glennallen to Anchorage? If the Parks, Kesugi Ridge seems like it would be a perfect fit

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    Nope-Going Richardson to the Glenn, then down to Anchortown. Kesugi is gorgeous though...

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    As far as I know, there aren't any non-motorized, hiker specific trailheads along the Glenn. I've heard that Gunsight Mountain (part of Sheep Mountain) makes a great hike though. You park at the Knik-Nelchina trailhead on the west side of the pass (a substantial parking area, just off the highway), hike a little ways on a 4-wheeler trail, then cut up the alpine ridge to the summit. I haven't done it though, and it's not in any recent guidebook I'm aware of, so take a good look at a map or Google Earth to get a better idea of what it involves. Pretty straightforward though I think.

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    Some years back I hiked up Sheep Mountain itself, and I remember it as a good hike. We parked at Sheep Mountain Lodge, then hiked a a short ways up their ski trails, then up the ridge more or less directly behind the lodge. You should ask permission from the Lodge owners. Back then they didn't mind, but that was a previous owner. Maybe buy dinner and a few brewskis at the lodge after your hike to show your thanks.


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