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    We have a weatherport style tent at our remote hunting cabin, and a few years ago, the frame collased under snow, and we havent put it back together.

    Unfortantly since last fall, my father passed away, and his the one who purchased it, so I dont know who the manufactorer was (its not Weatherport, we have one up there too). He MAY have said at one time he got it from Coscos in Anchorage, this would of been 15+ years ago...
    It was green 10 x 20 long, a swingging door (not a real door,just swing open)

    Anyway, Without knowing the maker, i wanted to see if making a new frame out of wood would suffice....Heres a picture to show the type and material used, this was from one year a bear decided to check around...

    Bet-Anc-MooseCamp 2009 058.jpg

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    Check the name "Shelter Logic". AIH sells them. Looks similar to what's in your pic.

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    I tried looking at various websites and i dont see an exact match, mainly for the front door area. All i see on various websites are enclosures mainly for cars, boats etc


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