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Thread: Shrimp Bait is different this year?

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    Default Shrimp Bait is different this year?

    I got er done but getting the shrimp this year took more effort than I'm use to expending. Of course it has to be somebody elses fault so I set about to discover who to blame. I'm no biologist so when I say " I see a big difference in the catch with commercial guys running over my previous spots", it probably don't mean much?
    And I'm resonably sure ADFG is on their toes and won't let anything dasterdly happen to our cherished fishery!

    So is my problem real or percieved? This line of thinking prevailed pull after pull this year and if it weren't for my last two pulls I'd still be wondering but alas, I have a culprit!

    How many of you use the popular "shrimp crack" pelletized bait? (Ace of baits) For the most part, this has been the old standby for me over the last 5 years. "Old standby" because it out fished everything else and was so user friendly. Well, at the begining of this season I picked up 3- 5's and happily went my way. However, I did notice there's no label on any of my buckets this year? Hum, that's different! Oh well, I'm a trusting sort so off I go and right away I also notice this bait is not like the previous stuff in a number of ways! The older stuff would swell 25% on an overnight soak and would still make a bit of an oily mess on the surface when the pots come out of the water the next morning.
    With poor yeilds being the norm, I dumped 6 oz. of Herring oil down thru the remainder of the bucket to see if it made any difference.

    Well, on my last two pulls the yeild went up 4 times! And this is on the same ground that was so poor the day before. Ironically, it will take me a couple years to use up them other 2- 5's so I guess I'll just have to keep wondering?

    Did I mention, my dog wont eat the new stuff either?

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    Shrimp numbers been going down for a couple years now. Seams like those pellets need to soak for a day before they really start to work. IMO

    I think your problem is those fancy new orange shinny pots you have,,, they spell trouble for shrimp. If your feeding them to your dog, try pour bacon grease over them first,,, he might eat'em then.

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    I don't know if the pellets are different this year, but I can tell you they still work better than cat food, which is what I used early this year. Now that I use pellets I have had a 5 fold increase in shrimp. Time to buy a gallon of herring oil and maybe I can fill a pot to the top with shrimp. My dog has been known to eat her own crap so I don't count on her discerning taste to judge anything.
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    Yep, herring oil works wonders. My father has been storing buckets of the stuff in a shed for over a decade, so this year we broke some out and mixed up our own bait using herring oil and fish meal. It's a bit messier than the pellets, but it is pretty effective. I still swear by a salmon carcass when I've got one on hand, though.

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    Mike, I thought Steves "shrimp crack" was labeled Super Prawn Bait and that the Ace of Baits was a different brand?
    Maybe you got the wrong stuff by mistake?
    Can't say much for the shrimping though as I wasn't able to make it shrimping yet this year and this was supposed to be my first year of trying it.
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