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Thread: Lone archer needs to find vehicle convoy to North Slope caribou - Aug/Sept.

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    Default Lone archer needs to find vehicle convoy to North Slope caribou - Aug/Sept.

    I am looking to accompany an existing group of hunters to the North Slope (northern Brooks range) for caribou hunting. My regular hunting partner has left the neighborhood. I have posted a similar request on I have a reliable truck and have been to the North Slope twice for hunting. I totally respect the demands of the Dalton highway that are placed on a vehicle. I live in Fairbanks, AK. My intentions are not to hunt with you but just to join a vehicle convoy for the passage to the Slope. I can take one of your party with me
    if necessary. I am planning for the period of end of Aug to early Sept. I just want to fill the freezer with meat for the winter months. Thanks. Jojo
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    I'm confused. If you have the equipment, and two years hunting experience on the slope- Why do you want to join up with a larger group?
    I usually see more game when I'm alone, or in a smaller hunting group.


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    I completely understand where you are coming from and would love for you to join our very small "convoy"... we are very well experienced bowhunters and do everything by the book. If you would like to follow us up that would be great. When are you wanting to roll out?

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    AKcubpilot, Thanks for your reply. I have found a few interested parties from another thread "Looking for Haul Road Partner in Aug/Sept, started by jmg 5-23-2011". Please read the comments to this thread. One person has firm contact who works in the North Slope and can communicate when the caribou are in large numbers. I live in Fairbanks and am retired. Keep in contact. Jojo

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    AKcubpilot, Departure time depends on when the caribou are sighted in North Slope. The animals are moving to winter grounds but not in great numbers. I believe 1st part of Sept would be possible timeline.


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