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Thread: 2011 Chevy 3500 DuraMax

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    Default 2011 Chevy 3500 DuraMax

    Any reports on the new DuraMax's success or failure this year hauling 5th wheels or general travel. Service/availability for refilling the DEF a problem? And lastly, when the time comes to drop 55K, dually one ton crew cab or one ton 4x4 crew cab? Tire changes on the dually could be a problem.

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    Default DRW or SRW?

    I say, if you plan on packing a camper or a heavy load in the bed, more tires the better because the larger contact area on the road keeps the rear axle planted and makes the rig nicer to drive. The DRW axle adds a little margin of safety in case of a tire failure.

    Now, for towing and general purpose use, single rear wheels are the way to go. Plus, it's easier and cheaper to buy winter tires (4 instead of 6). One more thing, SRW axles do a little better on ice and snow.

    Regarding DEF and the 2011 Duramax last winter; lots of problems with the programming and issues dealing with freezing temps. There are multiple service bulletins on the subject. Who cares, right? It's under warranty and if you park it in a warm place, not such a big deal.

    I don't like where GM placed the DEF tank filler on the 2011. It easily spills or splashes onto the main fuse panel for the vehicle and creates a corrosion problem. Even if you are carefull.


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    I won't hurry out and buy the 2011 out some bugs and 2012 may be a bit better


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