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Thread: Legal place for fireworks in Houston?

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    Default Legal place for fireworks in Houston?

    I have some leftover fireworks (little novelty stuff) that I want to shoot off and get rid of. I'm in the Valley, and from what I know the only place that is legal to shoot it is on private property in Houston with the owner's permission. Is there any where in town there where I can do this and people won't care? I don't know anyone who lives there.


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    I was 15 years old in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, it was supposedly illegal to set fireworks off in that city. Me and a friend were setting off almost a small display and having a blast. We lit off the last of them and as we were walking away, a cop was standing in the background. When we asked him (acting like we didn't know it was illegal), his reply was "it isn't illegal if you don't get caught".

    So there you go...
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    Save it for new years. Much more enjoyable with a dark night sky.
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