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Thread: Nonresident family allowed in boat?

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    Default Nonresident family allowed in boat?

    I got a question. I'm planning on dipping the Kenai from a boat as I have for years. I have a non-resident cousin that just moved here from TX. Now I know non-residents cannot take place in dip netting. BUT can she be on the boat? I'm sure she'd dig just watching. As long as she doesn't touch a net and we don't record fish under her name of course. Anybody got any insight in this? I browsed ADFG website and didn't find any clear verbiage on this. Thanks

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    Only Alaska residents, as defined on page 3, are eligible to participate in personal
    use fisheries. Nonresidents may not participate in personal use fisheries. For
    example, nonresidents may not handle any of the gear or operate a boat that is being
    used for personal use fishing, or have in their possession fish harvested in a personal
    use fishery.
    should be ok. it doesn't say nonresidents can't be on the boat

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    I had an assumption, but I just called the Soldotna Fish and Game office to be clear: Nonresident family can sit on the boat and watch the dipnetting process, but they cannot help or take part in the process in any way. They cannot drive, they cannot help get fish out of the net, etc. The lady said it's also best if they have their own cooler with drinks, etc so there will be no confusion if you get stopped by Fish and Game.

    I also have family in town and was going to have my Aunt drive the boat for me, but I guess she'll just have to sit there and watch now

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    My last conversation with F&G 2 years ago indicated that no non-res should be anywhere near you when dip-stickin', but that was from the bank.
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    Last time I asked, I was told that they could be in the boat but had to keep their hands in their pockets, so to speak. Would be hard to be in a boat with fish being pulled in and not do a darn thing but watch!


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