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    Looking for some info on old man trail on the Glenn Hy. Read a brief description of the trail and sounds perfect for my wife and mine first over nighter with the Rhino. Can anyone tell me specifics on where the trail head is and what the condition of the trail is? I tried to look for the book Alaska Wilderness trails at tidal wave but they did not have a copy on hand.



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    Basically Eureka! Don't cross the Little Nel if it is your first trip and it is raining. It gets swift and hazardous very quickly. Stay on the mail trail, the bottoms are solid but deeper water at times. You will go through instead of getting stuck on the braids.

    At #11, you may want to take the trail toward Flat Creek. It is easier than going down Monument.

    I suggest that you read this thread.

    Getting hurt back there can result in a long wait for airlift.
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    Thanks for the tip, I had already read the roll over post. We are not thrill seekers as we have a 5 yoa and a 2 yoa at home so we will be wearing out seatbelts and helmets. Just looking for somewhere fun to go for a weekend adventure while the kids stay with the grandparents. Thinking about kings river or permante, as we will be driving out after work on friday and then loading up the rhino so it would be nice to be a bit closer than Eureka to start our adventure.

    Anyone been to Big Indian Creek near hope by the 4x4 trail? Sounds interesting but looks swampy by map.




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